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On Monday night, the Cardinals set aside one of worst sections in Busch Stadium — upper level, sitting in the sun after the rest of the stadium gets shade — as a peanut-free zone as a consideration to fans with peanut allergies.  Naturally, a bunch of delicate kids who had never enjoyed peanut-free baseball were thrilled with the separate-but-equal status. 

"I think a lot of people don't understand the severity of peanut allergies," said Carol Depke, whose son, Colin, suffers from peanut allergies and can't come to games. "We're not talking about sniffles and sneezes. We're talking about life-threatening situations, breathing problems."

On Monday, Colin and his family sat in the front row of the section, surrounded by other families who know what it's like to live with that kind of fear.

I don't see why parents always feel the need to coddle their children just because they've got a peanut allergy.  Listen, this is tough, but someone has to let you know: it's natural selection.  Your child is weak because you have crappy genes.  Stop holding the human race back by breeding. 

Although I guess I could make that plea to everyone in St. Louis.

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