The Colombian Women’s Cycling Team Wore Uniforms That Left Nothing To The Imagination

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09.15.14 21 Comments

I’m sitting in my boxers right now. I rarely, if ever, put on pants during on the day. I feel I need to tell you this before posting about other people’s fashion choices.

Ok, now that we got that all straightened out, ma’am, excuse me, I can see your vagina. No wait, sorry, that’s just camel toe. Massive, massive nude-colored camel toe. The Colombian Cycling Team thought it was o.k. to wear this monstrosity during the Giro della Toscana in Italy. Unsurprisingly, people took notice.

You know, maybe we’re not being fair. Maybe even if we zoom in a little…

Wait, no, that’s awful. I mean, cycling uniforms are generally awful but this one’s especially camel toe-y. A cycling website claims the uniform’s color is gold but hey, I know nude when I see it guys.


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