The Cubs Are So Lucky To Have Bill Murray

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04.06.12 8 Comments

As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I’m generally regarded as more intelligent and classy than other baseball fans, but I also have a heightened ability to identify which celebrities are better for teams than others. For instance, the Cardinals have Jon Hamm, Billy Bob Thornton and myself. That’s not a bad little group right there. But I’d trade almost anyone in a heartbeat to steal away the Chicago Cubs’ biggest fan, Bill Murray. Seriously, he’s so awesome as a fan that it almost makes us forget that Jeremy Piven is also a huge Cubby. Almost.

I watched all of yesterday’s 2-1 Cubs loss to the Washington Nationals – who have no celebrity fans, mind you – and Murray not only threw out the first pitch in his classic, hilarious fashion, but he also sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with Big Head Todd, and then he stuck around to provide color commentary through the bottom half of the 7th. Even as Kerry Wood began blowing the game for the Cubs, Murray’s A-game was good enough to cushion the blow of a bad start to 2012.

And he’s been there the whole time, as evidenced by a little gem I dug up after the jump.

Here’s Murray’s opening pitch:

(Via Yahoo!)

And here’s Murray offering his critique of a National Anthem performance from a game in 1984.

Seriously Cubs fans, I’ll give you Thornton and a celebrity Cardinals fan to be named later for Murray right now. I’d offer Hamm, but he’s too valuable and has more years left.

(Banner via the AP.)

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