The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Minnesota Twins

In “piece of information included in passing that we’re contractually obligated to cover” news:

[Minnesota Twins star Justin] Morneau has been taking infield before every game, and said he also expects to be play some first base before that series in Milwaukee.

“I’ve been over there, trying to keep myself in shape, my legs in shape, and to stay sharp for whenever I get out there,” Morneau said. “It’s just a matter of time.”

Morneau entered Saturday’s game hitting .231 with a homer and two doubles, and said he’s still trying to adjust to serving as designated hitter. He said Thursday that he plans on calling former Twins DH Jim Thome for advice. (via

That call, presented in its entirety, is today’s edition of The Dugout: Opening Days ’12.

[h/t to Matt Dillon]

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** Online Host **
Welcome to the Minnesota Twins Chatroom!

ZackAndMiriMakeAMorneau: /places phone call  
KingOfPap: filly’s residents this jon how can hep u  
ZackAndMiriMakeAMorneau: Yes hi may I speak with Jim Thome, please?  
KingOfPap: mask whos speakign  
ZackAndMiriMakeAMorneau: This is Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins. I wanted to ask Jim for advice about being a DH.  
KingOfPap: /makes airplane noises into phone  
ZackAndMiriMakeAMorneau: uh is here there  
KingOfPap: duno lemme chek JIMMMMMMMMMM /puts down phone


ZackAndMiriMakeAMorneau: /rubs temples, accidentally touches brain  
KingOfPap:: holn on  

** Online Host **
Five minutes of silence and rustling noises later…