Nobody Tell Tim Hardaway About The Gangnam State Warriors

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.01.12 5 Comments

Is this PSY or Warriors hype man Franco Finn? You make the call …


So yeah, here’s another Gangnam Style video (the “Gangnam State Warriors”), but this one features the Golden State Warriors cheerleaders, so that’s something. Cheerleaders, dancers, whatever. Plus, Franco Finn does a pretty excellent Psy impression. You’ll need that for this Halloween, when every fourth person you pass will be dressed as Psy.

Video is below. If you’ve got reservations about watching this, remember: it’s only like a minute and a half long, and Golden State has some pretty phenomenal-ass dancers.

For more Gangnam Style parody videos, consult this link or just type “internet” into Google.

[h/t to That NBA Lottery Pick]

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