The Great One, Gone Too Soon

11.30.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Last month, by way of one of the best photo galleries ever put together by man, we introduced you to Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina. She’s gorgeous, and her only jobs or hobbies seem to be being gorgeous, taking pictures with an expensive camera, photoshopping them to look vintage and occasionally mentioning what her Dad does (or is about to do) on Twitter. We had a great set-up that benefited everyone.

Unfortunately, the first rule of Pro Stars is that you do not talk about Pro Stars.

Paulina’s Twitter feed has been discontinued, and the Toronto Star is speculating that her father’s involvement in a potential purchase of the Toronto Maple Leafs might have something to do with it.

According to the Star, before shutting down her feed, Paulina tweeted, “Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media..haha #SIKEEE.” She then signed off on Saturday, writing, “Taking a break from Twitter for a bit. Happy Holidays!!! xoxo.”

I wonder sometimes if beautiful, semi-famous young people think Twitter is the audience from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, where the Fresh Prince characters can see them and they’re there, but nobody mentions it. If I said something passive-aggressive about my Dad on the Internet when I was a teenager he would’ve spent the next 20 years refreshing the page every day and grounding me for every haha-serving-as-punctuation and hashtag.

In all seriousness, we wish Paulina a quick and happy return to the Internet. She’s like Courtney Stodden without all the emotional abuse.

[via NESN]

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