The Iceland Footballers Still Have It

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Icelandic football team Stjarnan FC became an Internet sensation last month after YouTube footage of the team’s unique goal celebration was posted everywhere. In a game against Fylkir, Stjarnan’s Johann Laxdal scored and he celebrated with his teammates with a choreographed fishing routine. After that, it was all a tale of cyber legends.

Yet with newfound legend comes great responsibility, like parenting or recording Bachelor Pad for your girlfriend. And Stjarnan’s players have recently admitted that the success of their first celebration endeavor has now left them feeling the pressure of performing, both in athletics and dramatics. This damn Internet, she’s a fickle whore, always demanding satisfaction. Luckily, it seems that the boys of Stjarnan are up to fulfilling her every need.

First, we have a tribute to a great cardio workout with the Human Bicycle:

I still would have rather seen them celebrate with the Human Centipede. Next, Stjarnan FC channels their inner Chad Ochocinco (Ed. – Áttatíu Fimm?) with an artificial birth involving the soccer ball:

Obviously the first two celebrations were a little less than stellar. While the first was clearly a wind-up toy portrayal, it’s not quite clear what the second celebration was. The video description lists it as a stroke, which is OK, I guess, if you’re into a lack of context in your sports celebrations. I know, I’m complaining for no reason. Damn Stjarnan, they’ve spoiled me in my lust for Icelandic soccer theatrics.

(Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip, and videos via Newslite)

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