The Jacksonville Jaguars Apologized For Their Mascot’s ‘Towels Carry Ebola’ Sign

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot Jaxson de Ville was seen on the field Sunday carrying a sign that read ‘Towels Carry Ebola’ in an apparent attempt to make fun of Steelers fans’ use of the Terrible Towel. On Monday, Jaguars team President Mark Lamping apologized for the incident.

“Improvisation and humor have both been key elements to the character of Jaxson de Ville, especially when he performs at home games. On Sunday, the person who has played Jaxson de Ville over the past 20 seasons made an extremely poor decision in that regard.

“The team was unaware of this inappropriate sign, which was hand-made by Jaxson during the fourth quarter of yesterday’s game, until after it had been displayed. We are handling the matter internally and taking it very seriously. We extend our sincerest apologies to anyone who was offended.”

Personally I am waiting for science to catch up on the subject of whether or not towels actually do carry ebola before deciding whether or not I am offended. Until then, I am willing to give Jaxson de Ville the benefit of the doubt. You can’t be too careful about ebola these days, and if we cannot trust our NFL team mascots to keep us informed on the latest information, then who can we trust really?

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