06.25.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

Wilhelmina Artist Management, a branch of the famed modeling agency, has taken seven female golfers under its wing to glam up the LPGA tour.  The "Wilhelmina 7" participated in photo shoots in New York, LA, and Miami to create a portfolio that will be the first step in bringing women's golf to a broader audience.  Anything to get more people into women's golf, am I right?

Kim Hall (pictured), a 26-year-old from Stanford, was the first player to be exploited by this chauvinist program.  Naw just kidding.  It's pretty cool, right?

"It was nice to feel glamorous," said Hall… "I'd rather be known for my golf, but it's a bonus when you're considered attractive. It's flattering. It's kind of nice to be one of the 'cute' ones."

"But in the end, it's about golf. Nobody in the group wants to be [an Anna] Kournikova. You always put pressure on yourself to perform. We're in the limelight, so we're going to do that playing golf, not standing around looking glamorous."

So wait.  You lure us in with stylish looks, then force us to watch you play golf?  By God, it's a trap!  They're sirens, lusting for our boredom!  Turn the ship around!  Blind my eyes and tie me to the mast!  Anything but women's golf!


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