07.16.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

Josh and Luke McCown are just like Peyton and Eli Manning, if Peyton and Eli Manning sucked.  Although each McCown only has the skill set to be a journeyman backup for the rest of his career, older brother Josh has a reasonable chance to beat out rookie Chad Henne and sophomore John Beck for the Dolphins' starting spot.  Or at least had.  Josh ended up with six stitches in his hand thanks to a wood-chopping accident.

Back home in Texas, McCown said he was holding the firewood and his brother… cut his finger instead of the wood.

McCown has 10 more days to recover before training camp, but the injury could add another element of intrigue to the Dolphins’ much-anticipated quarterback competition.

Well this is too bad.  But at least it happened while they were performing a vital task.  If there's anything you need during July in Texas, it's firewood.


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