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Chef Paul Prudhomme — he's the fat bearded chef who isn't Dom DeLuise or Mario Batali — was cooking for a PGA tour event in his native Louisiana when he was randomly struck in the arm by a falling bullet.

Deputies believe Prudhomme was hit by a falling bullet, probably shot about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday from somewhere within a 1 ½-mile radius of the golf course, said Col. John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The celebrated chef didn't require medical attention. "He thought it was a bee sting," Fortunato said. "Within five minutes, he was back to doing his thing."

Witnesses say the bullet cut Prudhomme's skin [producing gravy – Ed.] and put a hole in his white chef's coat. However, Prudhomme continued cooking for the golfers, their caddies and guests at the annual PGA Tour event.

What a fucking hero. 

In a related story, a 19-year-old kid who isn't a motorized wheelchair-bound fatass was hit with a stray bullet (or maybe shrapnel from the constant mortar and rocket attacks) and shrugged off medical attention to help his fellow soldiers.  He was later teased for not getting a "real" Purple Heart, and the AP didn't write a story about him because he didn't introduce middle America to Cajun cooking 20 years ago.  Fuck that stupid unfamous kid.

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