‘The Mets Are A Great Franchise’

02.16.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

As pitchers and catchers trickle into spring training and Albert Pujols prepares to not sign a contract, baseball fans start to climb out of their holes and get ready for another summer of baseball. One of those fans is a guy we’ll only know as “Rich in Hackensack,” who proclaims on a popular NY-area sports talk show that the New York Mets are “a great franchise.” When host Mike Francesca presses him for supporting points to his argument, Rich responds in proper Mets fashion–poorly.

Jimmy Traina brought this to my attention, and it really does encapsulate everything you love or hate about sports talk on radio: the know-it-all fans, the arrogant host that never lets the other guy talk, cheap shots on work ethic, and a small hiss in the background.

Do you think “Spring Training” would be a great name for a gay bar? I’m…uh…asking for a friend.

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