The Miami Dolphins Hate Their Fans

Right before the NFL Lockout lifted, it seemed like the most exciting thing about the shortened and hyper-intensive free agency would be the rush to sign the quality running backs, which were basically DeAngelo Williams and Ahmad Bradshaw. Unfortunately, once the Carolina Panthers re-signed Williams, the demand for RBs became flaccid and Bradshaw was pretty much screwed. That’s mainly because everyone thought the Miami Dolphins would be hellbent on finding a talented scatback to pair with rookie Daniel Thomas. Everyone was kind of wrong.

The Dolphins, of course, ended up trading a 6th round pick to the New Orleans Saints for Reggie Bush, while Bradshaw tucked his tail and returned to the New York Giants for less than what he expected to earn in the so-called frenzy. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos decided to keep faith in Knowshon Moreno, the Washington Redskins traded for Tim Hightower, the Cincinnati Bengals got Cedric Benson back at a criminal’s discount, and most of the other teams just filled their backup spots with Darren Sproles (NO), Jerious Norwood (STL), Cadillac Williams (STL) and Ronnie Brown (PHI).

But the Dolphins, despite passing on Bradshaw, still want one more RB. One more terrible, washed up, philandering, desperate RB.

The Dolphins put former New York Giants Pro Bowl running back Tiki Barber through a workout on Tuesday, according to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer. It was Barber’s first workout with an NFL team since he unretired last week and was released by the Giants. (Via The Palm Beach Post)

I mean, we all knew that Barber needed money because of his divorce, which is why he was unretiring, but nobody really expected a team to actually sign a 36-year old RB that hasn’t carried a ball in 5 years. Meanwhile, if kicking the Tiki tires (and re-signing Jason Taylor after his inglorious departure, depending on which fans you ask) isn’t bad enough, then the Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly might be offering the final death blow to Miami fans:

“I can’t rule anything out…I’m giving you the only answer I can give you,” Tony Sparano said about possibly exploring Brett Favre.

Sparano said the team signed Jason Taylor and explored Tiki Barber. So why wouldn’t they be interested in Brett Favre?

Hold on, I’m getting a call on my reality phone… Hello, this is Burnsy… why yes, yes I am a Dolphins fan… you’re right, I totally expected this. See you next year, Andrew Luck!