The Milwaukee Brewer’s Bullpen Catcher Ate 23 Cheesesteaks Over Four Days In Philadelphia

Getting a cheesesteak when you visit Philadelphia is pretty common. Sometimes, if you’re there for a few days and you want to try a few different cheesesteaks, you may be inclined to get another one from a different place because the sandwiches are really good.

Milwaukee Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel apparently likes cheesesteaks so much that he wanted to eat 23 of them during the team’s recent four-game trip to the City of Brotherly Love. That comes out to about six cheesesteaks a day, which shouldn’t be possible.

Hanel, who told that he has a monster appetite, broke the major league record for cheesesteaks eaten in Philadelphia over a four day series, which was previously set at 18 by Miami Marlins pitcher Mat Latos. He also shouted out the Phillies’ clubhouse attendants for helping him set the record.

Next up, the former minor league catcher apparently wants to set the record for most ice cream bars consumed over an undetermined period of time.

(via Big League Stew)