This Crazy Drunken Super Bowl Party Had 750 Jell-O Shots And A Penis-Shaped Ice Luge

What did you do for the Super Bowl? Me, I went to a party at a friend’s house. There was a keg of Sam Adams and a nacho bar! It was fun. Well, this video that surfaced on YouTube today is here to inform us all that our Super Bowl experiences actually sucked, because nothing will come close to topping “Morgan’s Epic Jell-O Shot Challenge Super Bowl Party BBQ.”

Because what is even the entire point of having a Super Bowl party if you don’t film it with a GoPro camera and then edit it down to a tight seven-and-a-half minute cut featuring the music of LMFAO and DJ Snake with Lil Jon?

You’re probably wondering just what about this Super Bowl party made it so epic. Allow me to list:

– A half dozen smoked pork shoulders
– 750 Jell-O shots
– Women wearing very little clothes
– Breast-shaped ice luge for shots
– Double-tubed drinking funnels
– Arm wrestling
– Billiards
– Fire dancing
– Glowstick dancing
– Penis-shaped ice luge for shots
– Hookah smoking
– Hot chicks making out
– Oh, and a TV in the background with the actual game on

In a nutshell, “Morgan’s Epic Jell-O Shot Challenge Super Bowl Party BBQ” is like the Super Bowl Party Video equivalent of “Too Many Cooks” crossed with “Two Girls One Cup” crossed with a Ft. Lauderdale public swimming pool. Speaking of which, I have no confirmation that this party took place in Florida … but I think we all know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take the aspirin for the headache I got just looking at all that brightly-colored, sugary alcohol.

(Via Barstool Sports)