The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Setting A World Record In Fridge Carrying Is Something To Behold

Did you know that the people at the Guinness Book of World Records has a show in Italy where people just come in and try to set world records at stuff? Sounds pretty great, right? It also sounds like the perfect place for Hafthór Björnsson, also known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones, to find a second show on which to be a regular. (*SPOILER ALERT* You know, assuming the appearance he made at the end of season five means he’ll be a regular in season six.) He appeared on the show to engage in a very specific contest with four-time World’s Strongest Man Zydrunas Savickas.

Strongman events like this are always specific, so asking the question, “Why are these guys trying to carry two fridges across twenty meters the fastest?” will never yield any satisfactory answers. Just enjoy the spectacle.

Interestingly enough, though Björnsson has set his fair share of world records (including the one above), he still hasn’t taken that World’s Strongest Man crown. He’s finished in the top three each of the last four years, but the highest he’s finished was second place, behind Savickas himself, in 2014. This had to feel like some measure of revenge for Björnsson. So, who’s down to watch the rivalry resume in 2016? World’s Strongest Man, anyone?