The NFL Admitted To Yet Another Officiating Mistake In The Detroit-Dallas Game

01.06.15 5 years ago 31 Comments

You’ll be shocked to hear this, but yes, the officials missed yet another obvious call in the Detroit-Dallas game. The play in question came in the fourth quarter on 4th and 6 when Ndamukong Suh was held by left guard Ronald Leary.

Via Adam Schefter:

NFL admitted to Lions today that officials missed a hold on Ndamukong Suh on the 4th-down conversion from Tony Romo to Jason Witten with 6 minutes left in the game (after the controversial Brandob Pettigrew play and before the Dallas TD). Had holding been called, it would have put Cowboys in 4th and 16 on Detroit side of the field. Dallas would have punted and Detroit still would have the lead. One person said that this is “even worse than the PI call/no call.”

You can see why the refs missed it. I mean, holds are hard to see where there’s a pile of people in the middle of the line and wait no, it’s right there. Right at the point of attack. How do you miss that?

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