The NFLPA LGBT Tees Are Cool And Full Of Letters

The NFL Players Association has added a line of LGBT Pride vintage t-shirts to their One Team Store, featuring Scott Fujita, Chris Gocong, Terrell Suggs, Donte Stallworth and more. They should appeal to anyone tolerant who loves football, gay rights or neon signs from the 1970s. They may or may not have been designed by The Electric Company.

Here’s the official statement, in the product description of each shirt:

Show your support for Pride Month with this Chris Kluwe LGBT Pride Vintage T-shirt. Featuring a screen-printed NFLPA Pride logo on the front and a rainbow jersey number on the back, this LGBT Pride T-Shirt is a great way to show support during Pride Month. A portion of the proceeds from each sale go to Athlete Ally, a leading nonprofit resource dedicated to teaching all individuals involved in sports to respect every community member, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

It would’ve been nice to see them work the Q in there (people are always leaving off the Q … the Q is important), but NFLPA LGBT T is already a shitload of letters, so I understand.

My only other complaint (besides the fact that I feel like I should go rollerskating beneath these shirts) is the hashtag on the front. Man, I get that you want to be “with it” or whatever and incorporate social media onto your t-shirt design, but you should never put hashtags on a shirt. Remember a few years ago when we didn’t hashtag ANYTHING? Remember the last 10 years of social media, where nothing stays on top and we change directions as soon as the next cool thing comes along? People are already trying to work Vine videos onto t-shirts, the last thing you wanna do is hashtag something. In 10 years people are gonna be like, “what the f**k does ‘number pride’ mean?”

In all seriousness, go here and support a good cause.