The Ohio State Student Who Ran On The Field Saturday Has Lost His Scholarship Because Of It

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10.01.14 31 Comments

Remember the kid who ran on the field during Saturday’s Ohio State game? Remember how he got tossed like a rag doll? Remember how he got The Rock Bottom from an Ohio State coach? Well, turns out, he lost his scholarship because of it.

Defense attorney Mark Collins says officials on Tuesday started removing 21-year-old Anthony Wunder from the Evans Scholars program, which covers tuition and housing for former golf caddies.

The fourth-year engineering student is charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing. His attorney entered a not-guilty plea in Franklin County Municipal Court.

So to answer your question, yes, this kid had perhaps the worst weekend of all-time. He got beat up by a coach, he got arrested, he became a laughingstock overnight, and now he has to pay his way through school. His parents must be so proud.



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