Nobody Hates Singing Christmas Carols More Than The Steelers’ James Harrison

Nothing says Christmas like the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team singing carols, right? Well, the organization decided to put this video together of the entire team rocking out to your favorite Holiday tunes. They divvied it up by units, of course, and the quarterbacks and offensive lineman sang “Let It Snow.” My favorite part of this one was practice squad center B.J. Finney wearing a Rudolph nose and randomly eating what appears to be Christmas cookies front and center.

They also had the defensive backs sing “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,” and safety Will Allen got to show off his pipes as he led the group. Fellow safety Robert Golden also threw in a Christmas dab, too.

But my favorite part was definitely the linebackers singing “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.” Not because of their vocals, specifically, but more this image of James Harrison having absolutely zero emotion while his teammates were singing. I mean, seriously, look at his hilariously stoic face.

His face here basically just means that if Santa Claus doesn’t find you, James Harrison will. Shoutout to the entire team for being good sports and having some fun with this. Hopefully we can make this a Steelers holiday tradition because this is pretty funny.