The Rock Responded To Tom Brady’s Very Bad Impression Of Him

01.12.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

Remember when Tom Brady, a partner of Under Armour, made that video where he called out The Rock, a partner of Under Armour, in that cringe-worthy video the other day? You won’t believe this, but The Rock fired back at Tom Brady, who wanted The Rock to check out his overpriced pajamas, which are an Under Armour product.

Is The Rock’s comeback video funnier? Of course it is. He’s an actor. An entertainer. The Kermit the Frog joke is good. “Who the f*ck directed that, a Jets fan? Had to have been a Jets fan,” is a nice line. The production value on the video is better. The Rock evokes an image of his penis as a dinosaur. I thoroughly appreciate that, even though the only point of these videos is to promote adult sleepwear, The Rock made an effort. He didn’t have someone shoot a lazily crafted 30-second video; he’s got graphics and a laugh track.

Should this video make you spend $100 on pajamas? Absolutely not. Should it make you feel good that The Rock gives it his all in his movies? You bet. I’d bet anything The Rock realized how dumb The Tooth Fairy was but he refused to mail it in, because he certainly didn’t mail this in.

As we pointed out in the first Brady story, the Patriots QB has earned about a quarter-billion dollars as an NFL player. It’s harder to figure out what The Rock has earned through wrestling and movies, but it has to be something similar. I don’t know what sort of budget Under Armour has for celebrity endorsements, but it has to be enormous.

My new dream is get to famous enough for them to throw money at me to sell … I don’t know. Recovery socks for your penis? Had a long day of loving? Buy Under Armour recovery penis socks. Only $69. I’d call out Eli Manning. Then he’d make a video that was better. The circle of content.

(The Rock on YouTube)

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