The Sports World Responds To The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

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05.04.11 13 Comments

In case you haven’t read about it, that Tweet above has Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall in a little hot water this week. Of course it doesn’t help that there is no other NFL news to discuss right now, but most people generally see the death of Osama Bin Laden as an accomplishment and closed book for the United States, particularly for the families of American soldiers and the victims of 9/11.
People were naturally going to have dissenting views about Bin Laden’s death, so this is less than surprising. What is surprising is that Mendenhall continued to defend himself on his Twitter, egging on the responses of rage, scowls from the media and even the shame of his team’s owner. Mendenhall maintains his point that he is an American and is protected by freedom of speech. His critics say he could have just kept his mouth shut. Either way, he finally deleted the controversial Tweets.
There’s a reason that we haven’t mentioned this story until now – why bother? A lot of other people just want to embrace the idea that something great happened. So I threw together this collection of Tweets from professional athletes and some of the more famous talking heads in sports with their thoughts and feelings about the death of one of the greatest villains the world has ever known.

While it’s not nearly as enticing as adult film starlets responding to this historic event, I still appreciate when our athletes and talking heads prove that they’re not entirely robotic.

Another controversial Tweet, but it has received far less attention that Mendenhall’s.

Here’s the link to the picture he was Tweeting about.

Referring to this article about Navy SEALS.

Referring to his Facebook status for elaboration.

Not sure why he Tweeted at himself.

Make sure you square up and get a big hunk of boob, soldiers.

I feel it’s only fair that Andy have his wife, Brooklyn Decker, match Erin’s offer.

That’s a speculative claim, of course. I was surprised I didn’t find any athletes Tweeting that fake Martin Luther King, Jr. quote. That’s not to say it didn’t happen, though.


He also said that Obama DID THE DAMN THING, but I liked this Tweet, too.

He also knew before we did because he’s the Scorpion King Tooth Fairy.

Exactly how I would have imagined a Peter King Tweet about Osama’s death.

Not at all how I would have imagined a Tweet from Ozzie Guillen.

I think this is referring to Osama’s death. He may just love Miley Cyrus.

I did not see a response Tweet from Grant Hill.

Just kidding!

And I couldn’t pick just one.

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