The With Leather Tuesday Fantasy Football Support Group: Week 10 Edition

Last week, we kicked off the first installment of the With Leather Fantasy Football Support Group, because Week 9 made perfect sense. Whatever, jerks. But Doug Martin was the seemingly overwhelming choice for the “I hate that guy so much” sudden point outburst, after he had cost me and so many other fantasy football owners victories. This week, the task of narrowing down one specific player performance that may have caused self-induced vomiting and hair loss, because it was a pretty standard week with the usual suspects leading the way.

Based on the most probably standard scoring, here are the Top 3 scoring performances at each offensive position this week…

QB: Joe Flacco (35, because he’s elite), Matt Ryan (32) and Andy Dalton (31)

RB: Adrian “The Best Second Round Pick Ever” Peterson (25), Fred Jackson (21), Marshawn Lynch/Steven Jackson (!!!)/Chris Johnson (18 each)

WR: Calvin “Finally” Johnson (24), Danario Alexander (19), Torrey Smith (18)

TE: Jimmy Graham (26), Tony “Fountain of Youth” Gonzalez (24), Greg “F*cking” Olsen (22)

That last nickname and the banner image should tell you where I’m going with this, but Olsen is the guy who caused the most grief in the Burns household on Sunday, as his career performance (9 rec, 102 yds and 2 TD in my PPR) almost destroyed me. Thankfully, I still pulled out the win, and managed to finish the weekend 4-0*, so there won’t be any crying out of me. In fact, I can tell the horror story of my fantasy opponent, who trailed me 17.5 with Ben Roethlisberger and Dwayne Bowe going last night. I won by 6.5 after Ben left the game with a shoulder injury and Bowe had the touchdown call reversed on that horrible holding call. And to tack on to the loss, he has Ben and Michael Vick, both of whom might be done for the season. Ouch.

But that’s why this is a support group, so everyone else can vent and tell their fantasy horror stories for the weekend. And remember, the worst story will receive a third edition WL t-shirt** to help cushion the blow.

* I was actually 4-1, but I lost in my auction league, therefore ending my season barring a miracle, and auction leagues are the damn devil, so I won’t be factoring that in anymore.

** I still have plenty of t-shirts left for sale for charity, so jump in if you want to help a good cause. Thanks to the people who already have ordered their shirts, because they rule.