There Are FSU Students Tracking Down The People Who ‘Tattled’ On Jameis Winston

The most dangerous group in the world isn’t ISIS, it isn’t Al-Qaeda, it isn’t some sleeper cell hiding in middle America. No sir. The most dangerous group in the world is the Twitter mob, capable of getting people arrested, fired, beat up, bullied and in some cases, probably killed.

After Florida State announced their suspension of Jameis Winston, the largest Twitter mob of them all, #FSUTwitter, took to the mean streets of social media to find the people responsible for outing their star QB. And it got ugly in a hurry.

That’s just a brief sampling of what went on—all because some people tweeted out a douchebag screaming “f*ck her right in the pussy” in the middle of the Goddamn campus. If you’re wondering what’s wrong with today’s youth, well, here you go.

This is the result of the #FSUTwitter carnage.

Be worse Millenials, seriously.

[Lost Lettermen]