05.17.07 11 years ago 23 Comments

I'll say two things about the Spurs' win last night: (1) Phoenix played the kind of gutsy game that made me like the team even more, and (2) if the Spurs win this series, these NBA Playoffs are dead to me.  Period.  I will refuse to write another word about them.  Fuck, I'll switch to hockey.  Choke on some cock, David Stern.

In NBA games I'm willing to talk about, the Nets were eliminated in Game 5 against the Cavs last night after scoring only six points in the fourth quarter.  Wait, what?  They won?  They scored six points in the final quarter of a win-or-go-home playoff game, and they won.  Huh.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Eastern Conference.

"The fourth quarter wasn't pretty," [Nets guard Jason] Kidd said. "Both teams were on fire defensively, not on the offensive side."

So… it was the Cavs' defense that made him miss five free throws in the final minute?  Interesting.  Show of hands: who wants the rest of the playoffs canceled while the Suns and Spurs play best-of-seventeen?

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