08.12.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

Some of you weren’t too impressed with Kevin Youkilis’ charging of the mound video earlier today, so we went through the farm system to see if we could call up something with a little more potential, and this A-ball skirmish (in Dayton, Ohio, no less) seems to fit the bill. Do people say “fit the bill” anymore? Who the hell is Bill? And why can’t he buy his own damn clothes?

This video’s over a year old, put the pitcher that threw the ball into the stands, Julio Castillo of the Dominican Republic, was only last week convicted of felonious assault.

Anyway, you can see how this whole thing gets started, as many fights do: two out-of-shape guys start screaming at each other, and then some young tough decides to take a shot at somebody. Those long road trips and crappy minor-league hotels seem to put everyone a little more on edge. There’s slightly better video here. But yeah, those guys must really be fed up with those little bars of soap. And I love how the lily-white sportscaster is named James Brown. Good career move sticking with that name. Jump back!

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