They’re Bringing Back RBI Baseball And Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

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01.15.14 5 Comments

RBI Baseball 14 announcement

Earlier this month, Dan Seitz at Gamma Squad asked the question, “Are sports games dying out?” Sony gained exclusive rights to the MLB: The Show and 2K not only canceled their MLB series but completely erased it from their forums and website. It looked to be a grim time for gamers who love baseball.

The good news is that sports games aren’t dying out, they’re just going back to the well. MLB Advanced Media announced via gigantic splash graphic that they’re bringing back the RBI Baseball series, and this is the best possible baseball game news assuming Naughty Dog never gets put in charge of rebooting Baseball Stars.

You’re getting a new RBI on mobile and all the next-gen systems (XBox One, PS4, Gamecube, Sega Saturn, etc.), which means you’ll be able to do THIS with space age hi-def graphics:

UP NEXT: Somebody make a new Baseball Simulator 1.000.

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