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Fun story coming in the wake of the Washington Redskins’ notable legal victory concerning the savages of North America earlier this week: Robert Raskopf, the attorney at the law firm representing the Redskins, sent out a celebratory email after winning the case. From the legal blog Above The Law (via FLUBBY):

Raskopf was so happy on Friday that he sent out a firm-wide victory e-mail. But not everybody was thrilled. After bouncing around the firm and racking up some responses, the victory chain made its way to our inbox via a tipster:

This is too good not to share. This was sent to all Quinn attorneys.

The First Year Associate Who Shat All Over Raskopf’s Victory Email OR The First Year Associate Who Repurposed the Redskins

Basically some first-year sent out an email to his entire firm chastising Raskopf and the firm for not being more sensitive to the feelings of Native Americans. A partner of the firm sent the associate a cautionary reply (sorry, nobody’s using their real names), the first-year replies to the partner, again using Reply-All. And the dick sent it in all lowercase letters. You work at a law firm, douchebag. You too good for the occasional visit to the shift key?

It’s a good read for anyone interested in an account of spectacular failure in office politics. Want me to ruin the ending for you? They made the first-year a junior partner. Just kidding; he got fired (assuming it’s a “he”).

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