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If you have a sibling, you’ve probably been in a fight. Things like rolling around in the dirt as youngsters or pushing each other in the living room as teenagers. Nothing too serious, but it happens.

Now image you are twin boxers that are a combined 50-0-1 in your careers, and you get in a squabble at your own home, including a little weaponry to boot. That probably could escalate, right?

Travis and Tarvis Simms (Ed. Note: Real creative, Mrs. Simms) got in a scuffle after Travis was “tired of talking” to Tarvis, and the results wasn’t exactly what Kanye West once sung about.

Cops say that Tarvis tried one-upping Travis’ punch by brandishing a knife.  Travis taught Tarvis the folly of bringing a knife to a gun fight by pulling a piece on his brother, and politely asking him to leave.  And if that weren’t bad enough, Travis’ 10-year-old daughter was bitten on the arm during the melee, apparently while she was trying to separate the tussling twins. –The Last Angry Fan

Two men fighting, someone got bit, and the story didn’t include Mike Tyson?

You gotta step it up, Mike. No reason to be getting one-upped at this point in your “career.”

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