This Kid Wants To Go To Prom With Gabby Douglas, Needs To Chill Out A Little

Lost in the shuffle of producing what is already being called the greatest list of 2012 sports moments that will ever be written, according to this guy and these guys, was the phenomenal, inspirational tale of Gabby Douglas, who actually almost quit her dream of being an Olympic gymnast, because she couldn’t stand being away from her family.

“It was very hard to overcome being away from [my] family,” the Virginia-born gymnast told Us of her nonstop traveling and training schedule, noting that it was especially difficult to say goodbye after they visited her on the road. “It’s a very strong thing. It almost drove me to quit the sport that I love and [kept me] from achieving my dreams.” (Via Us Magazine)

And since she rose to fame as one of the dynamic members of the Fierce Five gold-medal women’s team in the 2012 Summer Olympics, Douglas has had to overcome the problems being caused by her family. It certainly hasn’t been easy for this 16-year old international star. Certainly, the last thing she needs to worry about is what to wear on prom night, but that’s not stopping one hornball teenager from trying to date way out of his league.

First of all, young dude, tone down that opening a bit. You’re reaching out to American royalty, not one of the hussies from 16 and Pregnant. Second, and much more importantly, this young man who goes by “Leon Purvis” needs a little lesson in chivalry and being a classic gentleman. You don’t make a YouTube video to ask Gabby Douglas to the prom. No, you make a YouTube video to ask her parents for permission to make a video to ask her to the prom.

And since her parents hate each other, you need to make two videos, and I strongly suggest playing against each parent in the videos. It’s not like they’re going to consult about it. But her parents don’t even matter anymore, dude. This is up to Oprah now. The only way to get Oprah’s approval for anything is to pin her for a full three count. That’s never happened. Best of luck to you, kid.