This Loud Dude Has Finally Proven That The Self Hail Mary Is Fake

Close up shop, detectives. File all of the evidence away for good, because the Case of the Self Hail Mary that Nobody Really Cared About has finally been solved. Earlier this month, Texas high school football player Gary Haynes gained some attention for his recruiting cause thanks to a Vine that showed him supposedly throwing a 40-yard pass to himself. The “Real or Fake” police were out in full force almost immediately, because you don’t get to enjoy this kind of stuff anymore, not when this guy might have been trying to pull one over on Ol’ John Q. Internet. People even used physics and math equations to explain how he did it, but there were still others who believed in the power of Haynes, and that didn’t sit well with one man, almost two weeks after people first watched this Vine.

A very loud and intense man named Lunchbox from The Bobby Jones Show proved Haynes a fraud in this video response, while also doing his best impression of the people from KFC’s vlogger commercials. Please allow Lunchbox to show you how this was done, so we can all take it to our respective local TV stations and have it aired to every TV set in America to stop the spread of the Vinepocalypse.