This Pete Rose Furniture Ad Is Incredible

Move over, Wade Boggs’ Carpet World. Pete Rose and his busty, younger Playboy model wife Kiana Kim have taken the furniture world by storm with their new TV ad for Muenchen’s Furniture in Cincinnati. Sadly, it turns out that Rose’s reality show on TLC, Hits & Mrs., was canceled*, which led to me asking, “Holy sh*t, TLC cancels shows?”

But the silver lining appears to be that companies are still willing to pay a 71-year old blackballed former baseball player and his fame-hungry eventual ex-wife some walking-around money to argue over which set of Paula Deen furniture they want to buy. Seriously, this commercial is why TV was invented.

*TLC aired four of the six episodes and says the show will either return at the beginning or end of the 2013 Major League Baseball season, because yeah, that will make people care.

(Via Awful Advertising)