This Police Dog Really Loves Soccer

02.28.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

A soccer match between the Brazilian teams Boa and UEC received a little interruption during a game last week, as a police dog ran onto the field and stole the ball. The crowd seemed to love it, but since South American soccer fans are crazy I think they may actually be chanting for someone to kill the dog because it interrupted the game. Either way, the video after the jump suggests one of two things:

1) Someone in Brazil filled a soccer ball with cocaine, and it was somehow mixed in with the game balls, and so the police dog recognized the scent and made an important discovery that crippled a massive conspiracy that featured the soccer league running drugs and laundering money through its teams as they traveled from country to country, or…

2) Brazilian police dogs are poorly trained.

I’m leaning toward No. 1. Just feels right.

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