This Washington-Themed Homer Simpson Haircut is Peak NFL Fandom

08.27.14 4 years ago 7 Comments
Washington football tattoo


True fandom, ranked:

5) Getting in a fight with the visiting fanbase
4) Tailgating in severe weather conditions
3) Skipping out on the birth of a child for a playoff game
2) Throwing toilet paper on your team after they lose on Christmas Eve to the 4-win Chicago Bears, thus missing the playoffs, thus ruining your holiday
1) This.

The man’s name is Jesus Cruz and his haircuts are pretty wild.

“That was something I just put together on Monday,” Cruz, who runs Cruz Cutz Barbershop in Moline, Ill., told me. “I saw a picture of Homer Simpson saluting like RGIII does and just incorporated a jersey on there. I mean, ‘The Simpsons’ are running all day right now on FX and football is about to start, so the timing was perfect.”

That haircut would cost right around $65. Given how much a fan spends on food and drink, that’s not the worst deal in the world.

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