This Week In Horrible-Looking People: 31 Ridiculous WCW, TNA & WWE Glamour Shots

This week, With Leather’s search for the most ridiculous, hilarious, and amazing promo photos from the world of professional wrestling ventures into the previously untapped category of “candid 8 x 10s.” These are the publicity photos that didn’t get bordered and stacked in front of wrestlers during autograph signings, but were close enough to end up signed and sold in plastic card sheets at your local hobby store. These are just as good and sometimes even worse, if that is possible.

(On a personal note, I guess we’re calling them ‘glamour shots’ now, because since we started the regular feature, a lot of other sports sites have started posting galleries and calling them that. And, uh, sending them to With Leather as a “tip.” Thanks for the tip, other guys!)

Please click through to enjoy 31 of our favorite WCW, TNA Impact Wrestling and WWE glamour shots. If you need to be coerced, there’s a photo of a guy playing a WWF logo guitar in here somewhere.

If you thought baggy football jersey and novelty hat John Cena on page 1 was bad, remember — it could always be worse.

Here’s what Adrian Adonis looked like before WWF turned him into a fat guy who owned a flower shop and was so gay he couldn’t even properly apply makeup.

Aldo Montoya is giving conflicting turn signals, because even Aldo Montoya wants to see Aldo Montoya get hit by a car.

Andre The Giant, star of Zach Braff’s latest film.

Reminder: Road Dogg once called himself “B-Jizzle.” ON PURPOSE.

Battle Kat, aka “the most popular wrestler at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.”

As ridiculous looking as he is, the thing that bothers me most about this is that Busick writes “Big Bully” in his signature. Is that a weird thing to be bothered by? It’s not a complimentary description. Did he have to clear “Big Bully” as an alternate name when he set up his checking account?

Blitzkrieg, the most universally beloved wrestler to ever wrestle for like 3 months and vanish forever. We miss you, Blitzkrieg.

I hope he still has that jacket and wears it wherever he goes. I would buy that jacket.

Bobby Heenan, seen here going Full Bozo.

I’ll let you look at this for a while and decide whether it’s Bret Hart or current Impact Wrestling Mickie James. It’s like an optical illusion.

Pictured: Denzel, Denzel’s friend

Hey Dallas, if you didn’t spend so much money on Elton John sunglasses and bling rings you could buy some real gear, and wouldn’t have to wrestle in stonewashed jeans all the time.

Welcome to Jack Swagger’s Old West.

I take back what I said about Battle Kat … Brutus Beefcake’s Hollywood Hogan cosplay was the most popular thing at comic-con.

Rikishi, after borrowing Bob Holly’s cool jacket.

Look at Greg Valentine’s lavender, ye mighty, and despair.

If you’re wondering what Booker T is thinking, it’s “maybe we should’ve worn the underwear UNDER our pants.”

To the untrained eye, this is the most ridiculous looking dude of all time. To the trained eye, F**K YEAH TENZAN.

f**k the small dick airbrusher he is worse than the gay michael jordan f**k his ass make him hambell plz laugh at my types

Hey Jean-Pierre Lafitte, is that a condom on your eye, or am I seeing things?

New gimmick idea: Jean-Pierre “Left Eye” Lafitte

I could build a wonderful gallery of just Jimmy Hart’s jackets.

Santa Von Erich is ready for the most depressing Christmas ever!

Great La Parka photo or GREATEST La Parka photo?

oooooh no

I’m sorry, this is the opposite of the La Parka photo, please stand by

1999 called, it wants its everything back

Bray Wyatt’s teen years were pretty awkward

so were Konnan’s

Actual pro wrestler Super Leatherface, or close-up of a Mankind action figure? YOU DECIDE!

Norman Smiley provides a nice bookend to Football John Cena.