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All right, this is the last Lingerie Football League update until the players actually do something.  Like play a real game of football, or start training camp, or make out.  Because COED Magazine putting together the ultimate lingerie football gallery is pleasant, but it’s sure not news.

Elsewhere in blogtopia, Busted Coverage took a close look at Christianna Aronstam of the Atlanta Steam.  According to BC, she took classes at Stanford while still in high school, is now a student at Vanderbilt, speaks at least six languages, and is classically trained on the piano and violin.  And I suppose her vagina can conduct cold fusion.  Christianna says:

I’m just a girl striving to live life to the fullest, make a difference in the world, and touch someone’s heart… I love to laugh, and I love adventures. […] I’m extremely passionate about the things I love, and the people that I care about.

I’m always amazed that people who are way smarter than I am can still say things like “I love to laugh” and be unaware that it provides no insight to themselves whatsoever.  EVERYONE LOVES LAUGHING.  NO ONE DISLIKES LAUGHING.  PEOPLE ARE, BY NATURE, PASSIONATE ABOUT THINGS THEY LOVE.  “Hi, I’m Matt!  I’m made of carbon compounds and water!  I like to eat food every day!  Whoa, you have ten fingers too?  GET OUT.”

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