This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage: The Kinks Performance That NBC Didn't Show Us

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08.14.12 3 Comments

From the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics, NBC was bludgeoned with criticism and vitriol from the Internet because of the network’s decision to air events on delay. The network’s executives fired back at the criticism by explaining that the American public is essentially too stupid to handle things as they air live, and sports business gurus like Darren Rovell also explained that it’s bad business for NBC to air events live when it needs good ratings in the primetime slots. And that’s fine. I get that. It’s all over now. Let’s just chillax.

Or not, says the YouTube community, as cries of outrage are still pouring in on the comment threads of videos that will eventually be deleted by NBC’s lawyers. One such video that is currently still available shows The Kinks frontman Ray Davies performing the band’s classic song, “Waterloo Sunset”. This performance was pulled from NBC’s closing ceremonies’ broadcast because the network wanted to take advantage of its massive ratings by introducing us to the new show Animal Practice.

Let’s just say that isn’t going over too well with my personal oracles of right and wrong, YouTube commenters.

Look, I like The Kinks and I recognize the band’s legendary rock status. But it was only one guy.

I agree! I think Ray is awesome.

But it’s just not right without the entire band there performing this incredible song.

Anyway, I thought Animal Practice showed some potential. Yes, I’m a sucker for monkeys, but I liked the humor. I thought the fat girl was a little too over-the-top, but I’m not too upset that I watched it instead of this performance. It’s not like I missed The Who.

Whoa, NBC. This changes everything. You may have my favorite current show (30 Rock) and you may have my all-time favorite shows (Cheers and Seinfeld) but you were way too cavalier with your Olympic editing choices.

Come on, let’s keep this civil.

Wait a second, does YouTube ban commenters for posting NBC emails like Twitter does? If so, someone needs to send a rescue party for mightym2.

We’re being vulgar again. Let’s try to maintain a professional, considerate dialogue here. This is about music that transcends generations.

Aw, that’s sweet.

Deprived, perhaps, but a true hero for persevering through this horrible time in his life.

Exactly. The closing ceremonies should have been shown in their entirety, not simply carved down to represent what today’s audience wants to see. Also, HELL HELL HELL!

Hold the phone, guvna. The Olympics are about global unity. No need to take a cheap shot at my American heritage there and call me vulgar, especially when British people say c*nt more than “the”.

Right. Not the doctors and scientists who save lives, or the leaders who free their people from oppression, but the guy who throws the big iron ball a few feet. But I get your point. Let’s focus our insults on NBC, please.

Yes, that Eric IDLE performance was something brilliant. But I have yet to see the rage that NBC truly deserves.

Nothing But Cretains, I like that. What else?

Ha! No Brain Cells. Perfect. Now we must spread the word to the masses, someone please let the world know that NBC is the plague upon our culture!

YES! Now we are seeing the light! RAGE! RAGE AGAINST THIS WRETCHED MACHINE!!!

Write your articles, Scoop! Expose this colossal conspiracy and take down this empire of tasteless discretion! Now somebody take us to the streets to topple this evil menace!

“Done and done,” said Joyce’s cat, Purrrretta Scott King.

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