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Cheer up, St. Louis fans who watched your Cardinals team and their epic fail against the Dodgers last night – you could have been at Scottrade Center instead taking in the St. Louis Blues game against the Atlanta Thrashers.

At least thirteen people were injured when an escalator collapsed off its rails and sent hundreds of people using it to get from the third floor to the first floor piling on top of each other after the escalator mysteriously sped up.

A witness on the scene who wouldn’t give his name says fans were on the escalator not long after the game had ended. At that point, he said the escalator started moving extremely fast, as though a gear had broken loose. He says between eighty and one-hundred people were rushing toward the bottom of the escalator, literally piling on to one another as the machine went out of control. Kevin McKenna witnesses the accident, “The crowd kept forming out of nowhere. You heard like this big crash, and just out of nowhere, people started falling from the top of the elevator, just almost like a huge pile, and after that, everyone just started like popping up. People were running to see, ya know, where their friends and family were, it was crazy.” via.

You know it’s a bad sign for your squad when accidents begin occurring on its arena’s escalators. We mustn’t forget the several unfortunate issues they suffered through last year at Shea Stadium and we all know how the season turned out for the Mets. Sorry, Blues fans, time to pack it up, you’re screwed.

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