Those Guys Must Be Millionaires!

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08.08.11 9 Comments

Remember that part in The Wizard where Jimmy goes to visit Lucas, and Lucas starts bragging about how Jimmy can pick any game because he knows them all? And then they pick Rad Racer and think everything’s gonna be okay, and Lucas breaks out the Power Glove and they’re totally f**ked? Imagine if The Wizard had been filmed in the 1950s. Shinji Saito is that Lucas, you can pick any yo-yo because he knows them all, and his ability to yo and yo is so bad.

From The Daily What:

Yo-Yo Master of the Day: Shinji Saito reclaims his 2A Division crown at the 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest, proving in the process why he deserves to have more World titles than any other professional spool slinger alive today.

My experience with a yo-yo boils down to letting it fall, then pulling it up as hard as I can to get it to fly back into my hand. This is not how yo-yos work. But I’m the kid who couldn’t figure out those IQ peg games at Denny’s and thought a train whistle was a great toy for like five years. Saito’s athleticism in this realm is unmatched, and unlike some of the world’s most popular sports (golf, NASCAR) it’s not just something you can “do”. I could probably learn to fly before I could yo-yo like this.

I’m going to keep scouring the Internet for videos like this today. There’s a great one where a guy is so good at hula hooping he accidentally saws himself in half.

[h/t I Can Haz Sportsburger]

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