Conor McGregor’s Other Sparring Partners Refute Paulie Malignaggi’s Take On Things

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The Mayweather vs. McGregor news cycle over the past week has largely been dominated by one story: former two division boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi quitting as a McGregor sparring partner over unflattering photos from training that ended up online. At this point Malignaggi has logged in hours with the media calling Conor a scumbag in 20 different ways. The response from Team McGregor has been dead silence … until now.

Tiernan Bradley is another sparring partner in Vegas helping McGregor prepare for his August 26th superfight, and he defended McGregor in a blog post for The Irish News.

“I did Paulie’s corner for the spar, their second after a feisty first encounter,” Bradley wrote. “And I can safely say it will be very interesting when the video comes out after the fight. When you’re in sparring, sometimes you think you’re doing better than you are, but watching back afterwards can reveal the true nature of the spar. I’ve experienced that myself, you start to notice little things you did wrong, or maybe punches landed that you don’t remember.

“It wasn’t a one-sided spar either way but I thought one was the clear winner overall and that was Conor. He was very calm, very professional and, honestly, he really impressed me on the day. That’s just my opinion, people can make up their own minds when they see the video. Paulie has done plenty of talking, but he could be talking himself into a hole when the footage comes out after the Mayweather fight.”

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