02.21.08 10 years ago 20 Comments

Yesterday was just the first day of the Accenture Match Play Championship outside Tucson, but Tiger Woods decided to make it exciting — well, as exciting as golf gets — by falling behind J.B. Holmes by three holes with only five to play.  For humans, that's an impossible deficit.  For Tiger, it just means that it's time to win four straight holes with three birdies and a 35-foot eagle.

"You're playing the best player in the world, 3 up with five to play," Holmes said. "I just said, 'Don't do anything stupid. Make him beat you.' And he did. What do you do?"

Even more impressive than the come-from-behind win?  I just spent several minutes caring about golf.  Usually you gotta get strippers or Anna Rawson on the links for me to notice. 


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