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Darrell Waltrip is just a good ole boy…never meaning no harm…and someday, the mountains might get him, but until then, he’d be doing well to not leave his keys in an unlocked car at an airport.

Waltrip returned to the private Nashville airport after the NASCAR race in Las Vegas to find his black Lexus SUV gone. The only black SUV in the parking lot? A Mercedes. He asked the folks at the airport what happened to his car. They all looked at each other sheepishly.

“They turned to me and said, ‘Tim Tebow has your car,’” Waltrip said in a telephone interview. “I said, ‘What is he doing with my car? I didn’t tell him he could take my car.’ The guys said, ‘We thought you told him he could drive your car.’ I know the guy, but I’ve never met the man. I didn’t tell him he could take my car.” –Orlando Sentinel, via Dan Levy/Sporting Blog.

It was actually Tim Tebow’s agent, Jim Denton of D1 Sports, that took the SUV. Whatever. We don’t do agent photo edits around here. Unless Jim Denton happens to bear any sort of resemblance to Lobster Dog, in which case, yeah, we totally meant to do that.

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