Tim Tebow Makes These TiVo Ads Very Awkward

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12.07.12 14 Comments

Despite being a backup quarterback on a team with a terrible starting quarterback, Tim Tebow is still one of the most talked about people in America. People love Tebow so much that ESPN devoted 99.99999% of its programming this year to focusing on whether or not the former Florida Gator could turn the Jets around, how his All-American persona could co-exist with the bullseye media of New York City, and whether or not he scrubs his taint with a lavender body wash in the shower.

But it’s that chatter and public obsession with Tebow that still makes him a wanted man by companies in need of strong celebrity endorsements, despite those celebrities not being very good at their actual profession. That’s not entirely Tebow’s fault, though, as his rib removal injury has hurt his chances of relieving Mark Sanchez and Jets fans’ woes, so it makes sense that he’d spend this time shilling for TiVo.

Tebow. TiVo. It’s a match made in Heaven, pun very much intended. So why Tebow, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers? Oh, and can you take a cheap shot at the Jets while you explain it? Thanks.

“He is a highly Googled, highly buzzed-about, talked-about athlete as there is in the world,” CEO Tom Rogers told Bloomberg. “We’re going to make much better use of him than the Jets have this season.” (Via)

Perfect. Anyway, I completely forgot that TiVo exists, because I just assumed that everyone gets their DVR service from their cable providers, but this just shows that Tebow is doing his job already. And about that job – I’ve always thought that Tebow seemed charming enough, in that “Aw, shucks” sort of way. But these ads just seem way too forced. Much like Tebow’s passes. *rimshot*

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