Tiquan Underwood’s Hair Stole The Show At Super Bowl Media Day

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02.01.12 2 Comments

As we’ve already discussed, the week of Super Bowl XLVI has already started off with the standard, lazy storylines of guarantees and misconstrued words, with Tom Brady and Antrel Rolle providing the cannon fodder for the media thus far. Of course, we’ve also been treated to the rematch hype and David Tyree’s catch, as expected, but I’ve really been hoping that we could really stretch the limit of what is qualified as sports news this week.

Oh thank God, Tiquan Underwood got a haircut.

As a backup who has only three receptions this season, Underwood doesn’t get much notice, even with his skyscraper hairstyle.

But now that he’s going to the Super Bowl maybe he can attract some attention on Media Day with the artistry that has been added to his coiffure. (Via USA Today)

I get the idea that a wide receiver who was drafted in the 7th round and spent time being bounced between teams and practice squads might relish a little attention this week, seeing as he was released by his current team back in November and re-signed because of lack of depth.

But when I Googled “Super Bowl media day”, the Top 5 results were about things don’t matter worth a poop. Everything is about the goofy people (more on them just a little later), Ochocinco reveling in his first Media Day (that he worked so hard for), Peyton Manning’s future and Underwood’s hair. So if I were running News Corp, what kind of story would I want to see?

THIS!!! Ever since Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in 2009, Tweeted this reminder of his success, I would be cramming this down your throats like crazy. 35,000+ Retweets, too. Suck on that, Kardashian church visit. Instead we’re stuck with Pick Boy and this jackass with his stupid hat. Reporters should be attacking Herzlich like Peter King at a carrot farm.

(Images via Getty and Reuters.)

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