There’s Now A Tom Brady Angle To Those Ben Affleck-Nanny Rumors

That lovely smiling woman with a hand that weighs about 10 pounds is Christine Ouzounian, who, according to the New York Post‘s Page Six, was nanny to Ben Affleck’s three children until late June. Page Six reports that the photo above was taken on a private jet from the Bahamas to Las Vegas, on which Affleck and Tom Brady were with Ouzounian.

Page Six heavily implies that Ouzounian’s presence on this trip was the impetus for Affleck’s divorce with Jennifer Garner, as the split came just days after their return from the poker tournament in Vegas that Affleck attended.

The Post, lacking any proof that Affleck and Ouzounian actually did anything beyond take a vacation and ride in a plane together, resorted to some of the most ham-fisted innuendo you will ever see. Here are all of the double entendres in just the top four paragraphs:

  • “Here’s Ben Affleck’s favorite nanny enjoying some mile-high fun on a private jet trip…”
  • “Ouzounian, 28, is wearing the bling along with tight white jeans, a black tank top — and a satisfied smile.”
  • “The nanny is clearly relaxed, kicking off her shoes and striking a sexy pose…”
  • “…the pair’s hush-hush jaunt to Sin City…”

This is what it looks like when someone is trying to subliminally shriek “THEY HAD SEX” at you without being allowed to come out and say it. Although the biggest question for sports fans is, why in hell is Tom Brady traveling to Las Vegas with all four of his Super Bowl rings? Shouldn’t he keep most of them in a safe or something?

(Via Page Six)