The Internet’s Best Reactions To Tom Brady’s Overturned Suspension

On Thursday morning, Judge Richard Berman shocked the football world by overturning Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate. Most legal experts believed the decision would go in favor of the NFL in large part because they chose the court in New York. But alas, Berman identified some gaping holes in the NFL’s argument. Among them:

1) Inadequate notice to Tom Brady of his potential discipline
2) Denial of the opportunity for Brady to examine one of two lead investigators
3) Denial of equal access to investigative files, including witness interview notes

The NFL will appeal the decision, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, but will need a stay to prevent Tom Brady from playing in the team’s first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10.

The decision rocked social media, and everyone from journalists to teammates to legal experts weighed in on Twitter. Most expressed their hatred of Roger Goodell and the bungling of the investigation by the NFL. Others simply shared their favorite Tom Brady GIFs.

Here now are some of the best.

And where would be without a word from Boston’s favorite party animal, Rob Gronkowski.