Tom Brady’s Upheld Suspension Produced An Outpouring Of Internet Comedy

tom brady
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Deflategate is the story that just won’t die. After Roger Goodell’s suspension of Tom Brady for the first four games of last season was overturned, we knew the NFL would appeal the decision, but it seemed the writing was on the wall: Goodell had once again overstepped the bounds of his power, and an independent arbitrator once again had put him in check. But with the bombshell decision that the U.S. Appeals Court has reinstated the initial four-game suspension to be served at the start of the 2016 season, we’re all back at it again.

Since this case is already in the federal courts, Brady has few options left to him, none of which move quickly. He now looks very likely to miss those four games, which means that Patriots fans will once again spend months alternately talking themselves into Jimmy Garoppolo and writing manifestos about the tyranny of the NFL. Honestly, this story has gone on so long that anyone who has interest remaining outside of New England is primarily in it just to see how crazy Patriots fans can get. On with the trolling!

(IMPORTANT: We know Tom Brady isn’t going to jail.)

And if you’re wondering why we didn’t throw in many of the hastily-thrown together Deflategate/Lemonade reactions, remember that sometimes it’s the jokes you don’t make that are all the difference.