Tom Brady Was Asking For A Meme

Senior Writer
05.24.11 4 Comments

It’s incredibly hard to make fun of Tom Brady. Three Super Bowl rings. A Victoria’s Secret model wife. The eternal love and adoration of one of the most powerful sports cities in the world. Yes sir, Brady has it made. But lately it’s almost as if he’s trying his hardest to give us reasons to make fun of him. His hair. The dancing in Rio de Janeiro. His visit to the hair clinic. His shaven armpits. And now his water slide escapade TMZ “reported” on Sunday.
Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen were in Mexico, or they are still in Mexico since neither of them really has anything to do right now, and they spent some time by the pool. Brady took a ride down the water slide and the rest is history. He could be joking with the girly hands and the face of childish delight, but it doesn’t matter to us. We have no actual football news right now, so all we can talk about are morons on Twitter, Ray Lewis’ ironic babble, or how Peyton Manning is selling out his peers. And since we don’t even have any photos of Mark Sanchez being rejected at the Hangover 2 premiere, we can at least thank Brady and his foppish dandy ways for allowing us some fun with photoshop. *sigh* I miss you, actual football news.

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