Tony Ferguson And Fabricio Werdum Almost Threw Down At A UFC 216 Media Event

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UFC 216 is generating some serious heat between fighters, and it’s not even the ones set to fight each other on October 7th. Kevin Lee has been throwing shade Demetrious Johnson’s way, claiming any pay-per-view bonus the flyweight champ gets will be off the back of his interim title fight against Tony Ferguson. And then Ferguson ended up in the middle of a beef with Fabricio Werdum during this afternoon’s media luncheon event.

The trouble started when Tony asked Fabricio not to interrupt him while he was answering a question, which elicited a long stream of angry Portuguese from the former heavyweight champ. Next thing you know the two were on their feet with a UFC staff member in between them. The whole thing was caught by MMA Fighting’s camera crew.

“Have fun fighting on my undercard,” Ferguson said. Werdum responded by repeatedly throwing out a gay slur.

“It’s a problem. You’ve got a heavyweight trying to pick a fight with a 155 pounder,” Ferguson said after Werdum was forced to leave. “Interrupting my speech and me doing my thing. It’s cool, he had his time. I guarantee you he’s pissed that he got his ass knocked out. So it doesn’t matter to me.”

Werdum lost the heavyweight title to current champ Stipe Miocic back in May of 2016 via knockout, and has since gone 1-1 in the UFC. He’s set to fight up-and-comer Derrick Lewis at UFC 216 if he doesn’t get himself kicked off for picking fights with the main event or tossing out ignorant expletives.

(via MMA Fighting)

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