Watch Tony Hawk Collect S-K-A-T-E On A Real Ramp Just Like In ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 verdict is in: the remastered work of the first two games of the legendary skateboarding series is very fun and very good. And to celebrate, the game’s legendary namesake pulled off one of the game’s classic challenges in real life.

Despite the smooth gameplay from the remastered work on updated levels, the games are, shall we say, not realistic skateboarding simulations. You can bounce off of walls and keep tricks going long after any normal skateboarder could string combos. Part of the fun is to look extremely cool doing things you definitely cannot do in real life.

But for Tony Hawk, all things are possible. Including collecting the letters S-K-A-T-E on a real vert ramp just like you need to do in the game’s levels. Hawk tweeted video of him skating through balloons with the letters on them, and it’s very satisfying to see a part of the game come to life.

The best part is that the video includes a real song from the game’s soundtrack and the sound effects that come with a skater collecting a letter in the game. It’s very fun to see him slap the ‘A’ away, as the balloons don’t just disappear like in the game. They could, for a worse skater, be a bother. But Hawk is a pro, and he even managed to snag a secret tape at the end there. That makes for a good session all around.